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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Precision Piecing QAL with Quilt Shop Gal

Yesterday was National Quilting Day 2017. Right now I have dozens of unfinished projects to choose from, but I just feel sort of burned out on all of them. I wanted to start something new, but any new project would have to be short enough in duration to finish in just a day or two. I noticed several weeks ago that Darlene at Quilt Shop Gal had a #precisionpiecingQAL. Piecing is not my strong point, but I could make as little as one block to enter, so it seemed a good idea to tackle whatever I could get done in one day.
The blocks for this project were designed by Hope's Quilt Designs, and are available free on the Craftsy platform. Darlene provided links to the blocks. As usual, she is offering some great prizes that will be awarded to participants based on a random drawing. Here is a picture of my entry:
There were five blocks in the quilt along; the plain nine patch in the lower left corner of the mini quit was not one of the blocks. I had a great deal of trouble making the green "rolling stone" block that is outside the little quilt and it just didn't fit, so I made a nine patch to finish the sampler and left the crooked block out of the final product. Each block finishes at 1 1/2" (one and a half inches), so this was quite challenging for me, especially the half square triangle units. I could get them right, but when sewing them into the blocks, I found that my machine often got hung up or skipped stitches when it got to that diagonal seam. That caused the blocks to be out of square. Because the blocks are so small, taking out a seam more than once meant excessive unraveling. This is a skill I need to work on.
The mini sampler will finish at about 9". I still need to quilt and bind it. It was an enjoyable challenge and made National Quilting Day more fun. I'm linking this up to Quilt Shop Gal's precision piecing page.