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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Entry - Wrap up 2014 Handmade Christmas Challenge

In January I took a pledge to make handmade gifts and decorations for Christmas in response to Sew Cal Gal's Handmade Christmas Challenge.

 It's been a fun and rewarding Challenge. Just look at all the stuff I have made for Christmas; so far, a total of 29 individual items. (Many months I made more than one of whatever item I was making.)
Small items for Challenge.
Note the quilt hanging on the wall. It was part of the Challenge, too.

Here's a quick month-by-month recap.

For January, I made a microwave bowl pot holder. 

For February, I made a drawstring gift bag.
For May, I made the table runner.

In June, I chose to make some mini-wallets to hold gift cards.

In July I made little birdie pincushions. Cute!

September was a busy month, but I managed to fit in some homemade stilettos.

In October, I used the red and white quilt I designed and made, "Holiday Happiness", for my entry.

Finally, in November, I made placemats using a fun.crazy quilt piecing as an accent.

Now that it's December, I have very little time to make anything. I am so glad I took the Sew Cal Gal Handmade Christmas Challenge! Do check it out. There are so many beautiful things people have made. And thank you for the challenge, Sew Cal Gal!