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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Entry - Wrap up 2014 Handmade Christmas Challenge

In January I took a pledge to make handmade gifts and decorations for Christmas in response to Sew Cal Gal's Handmade Christmas Challenge.

 It's been a fun and rewarding Challenge. Just look at all the stuff I have made for Christmas; so far, a total of 29 individual items. (Many months I made more than one of whatever item I was making.)
Small items for Challenge.
Note the quilt hanging on the wall. It was part of the Challenge, too.

Here's a quick month-by-month recap.

For January, I made a microwave bowl pot holder. 

For February, I made a drawstring gift bag.
For May, I made the table runner.

In June, I chose to make some mini-wallets to hold gift cards.

In July I made little birdie pincushions. Cute!

September was a busy month, but I managed to fit in some homemade stilettos.

In October, I used the red and white quilt I designed and made, "Holiday Happiness", for my entry.

Finally, in November, I made placemats using a fun.crazy quilt piecing as an accent.

Now that it's December, I have very little time to make anything. I am so glad I took the Sew Cal Gal Handmade Christmas Challenge! Do check it out. There are so many beautiful things people have made. And thank you for the challenge, Sew Cal Gal!


  1. Well done! These are all lovely gifts!!! Have you got recipients allocated for each gift? I started off wanting to do this challenge but ended up focussing on other things instead.A shame!

  2. All your gifts are wonderful. I love bird pincushions. They are really cute!

  3. I love your table runner! It's so bright and luminous! I can't be unruffled when I've to make something good. I always get disquieted, you know. How did you manage to sit still and make it so beautiful?