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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August FMQ Challenge Entry

My daughter was married a week ago Sunday, so not much time again this month for the Sew Cal Gal challenge. But I didn't want to miss it! Not because I plan to win anything, though there are some great prizes. Just because my quilting is improving with each Challenge. And I'm learning new ways of looking at quilts and quilting. I love it!
 This month, I spent a lot of time drawing. (It's easier to carry a pad of paper with you than a sewing machine.) Our monthly expert, Wendy Sheppard, (whose quilting is amazing, by the way) had us doing jester's hats as a filler design. I found this very challenging. I kept drawing myself into a corner; it was very hard for me to look ahead at how I was going to fill the page.

After a ton of pages, I finally decided I'd better sit down at the machine, take a deep breath, and give it a shot. Here's the result.

I found the thinking ahead part very challenging this time, as well as having a time finding my hum-purr after being away from the machine most of the month. But the curves are much smoother than they were 4 months ago, and I was able to complete the challenge. Thank you, Wendy Sheppard, for an inspiring and challenging tutorial, and to Sew Cal Gal for issuing this year-long challenge! It is really helping me develop as a quilter.

Now, on to September!

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