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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Post #2 for Sew Cal Gal's FMQ Challenge 2013

Libby's Ribbon!

Here's my ribbon entry using Libby Lehman's Threadplay instructions - almost. I decided to use only one variegated thread for the ribbon instead of two colors, though I did use a light gold metallic thread at the top. It has a bit of a different effect, but I still like it. I did the technique from memory - I had drawn it many times first. It was fun using my metallic threads and I tried Superior's Magnifico polyester as well. Loved it! Big, bright and easy to use. In any case, here's my entry:

It's the last day for Sew Cal Gal's Challenge. If I want to win a prize, I have to post one more entry today. I have the quilting done, but still have to photograph it and write the post. Wish me luck! (I think I need it - it's Halloween and I'm also handing out candy tonight. Busy!)

In case I don't get the next post done in time, I still want to thank Sew Cal Gal for the Challenge, both last year and this year. In less than two years' time, I've gone from being afraid to lower my feed dogs to getting raves from my friends on my beautiful free motion machine quilting. I owe it all to the inspiration of Sew Cal Gal and her wonderful experts. Thank you! And if you are reading this and are afraid to lower those feed dogs, I'm here to tell you, just do it! If you keep trying, you'll amaze yourself. I certainly have!

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  1. Congratulations!