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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Entry - Handmade Christmas Challenge

Today, the last day possible, of course, I'm posting my entry for Sew Cal Gal's  "A Handmade Christmas Challenge".

 Each month Sew Cal Gal encourages her followers to post things we have made either for our own homes for Christmas, or to use as Christmas gifts. We link them up and get a chance to win a prize via a random drawing. I didn't enter for the prizes, but because I really like the idea of making some nice things for Christmas, either as decorations or for giving. I usually don't think of doing something like this until Thanksgiving, and then it's too late and I'm too busy. This is a chance to to get ahead of the game.

For February, I'm taking to heart my one of my new daughter-in-law's causes. She hates to see all the pretty wrappings we use for gifts piled up and thrown out. All that paper wasted! So she asked me to make some reusable cloth gift bags. I went through my stash and found some nice Christmas fabrics and decided to start on the project.

This month, I thought I'd make a simple drawstring type bag about large enough for a shirt box. It took me longer than I thought (I had to make up the pattern as I went along), but after about 2 and a half hours, here's the result.

It's not easy to see in the picture, but I used box corners, a contrasting casing for the drawstring, and some grosgrain ribbon for the tie. It turned out nice enough that I've cut two more bags and casings out from other farics - I'm thinking of running to the fabric store to look for other ribbon, or perhaps some fancy drapery cord and tassels. Actually, these bags would be great in home dec fabrics as well. (I just used quilting cotton.)

I will try to take pictures as I make my next bag so that I can try my hand at writing a tutorial. No time today, though; I need to get this cleaned up so that I can get dinner on the table.

Please check out the Sew Cal Gal Handmade Christmas Challenge and see what everyone is making. There are a number of inspiring projects. Maybe you can get a head start on your homemade Christmas as well!

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